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I have a very technical mind, but also a very artistic one. I write a lot of music in different genres. Whether it's for my passion projects, projects with other teams, or something fun to pass the time, most of my music is unified by a strong sense of emotion and drama.

I write everything from game music to Lo-Fi tunes to orchestral songs .

Lo-Fi is a genre that has a great amount of popularity given the modern themes of exhaustion, late nights, and being overworked. 

These tracks attempt to convey a lot of those emotions, with a beat that drives forward accompanied by a melody that would rather take it slowly.

EpicBattleTime is a fun piece made for a student project.

The project is a fantasy action game that will feature talking swords and shields. The piece conveys action and suspense alongside electronic drums, while simultaneously not betraying its fantasy aesthetic.

The tone of my passion project, "Dwelling", can be summarized as "cold". Dying Light gets as close to that feeling as it can, with chilling choir sounds and agnostic rhythms.

Sanctuary is an orchestral piece, and an attempt to give an atmosphere of safety and nostalgia.

An assembly of drum fills falls in-between large piano chords, like the waterfall shown in the art illustration.

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