2dCon, here we come!

So excited to present my passion project, Dwelling, Part 0 at 2dCon!

It's been a long trip from Chicago. Since my girlfriend (Heylezl) and I are poor college students with no cars, we took the Megabus up here. It was a nine-hour long trip and we had to get up really early.

The AirBnb we rented is really nice, and we get to hang out with cats which is a huge plus. We met up with newgrounds artists FunyMony (owner of MediaMuffin) and Lollergator. We had a blast at the Minnesota State Fair and ate a lot of different greasy foods.

Today we will set up shop and get to meet all of you 2dCon attendees!

See you all there, make sure you play Dwelling, Part 0!

From left to right, me, heylezl, lollergator, funymony



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