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Logan Theatre Playtest

This weekend, Les and I brought Dwelling: Part 0 to the Logan Theatre for a playtesting session and a chance to win a seat at C2E2!

I got to meet a lot of local indie devs, the majority Columbia students. I played some cool games like Weekend at Grandmas and Kakatte Koi Yo!

The playtesters at the event had a lot to say about Dwelling, the most common piece of feedback is still "nobody likes getting frozen by text".

The future of Dwelling is very hazy right now -- it is still a project I want to pursue and create in, but I am finding it hard to balance between work and other projects at the moment.

To aid in the development of this project, I have started a mailing list, so that people can get updates about Dwelling, and I can start trying to develop a community. I think the right way to use it should be reserved for major development updates and convention announcements.

Either way, finals are coming, so I should focus more on that!

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