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Programmer I

Solved Low-Level graphics bugs on Minecraft and nativized UE4 Blueprints on an unannounced project.


Gameplay engineer

Collaborated with a remote team of game developers to create the next generation of multiplayer interactivity on Roblox.


UI Programmer

Worked with SomaSim on their unannounced upcoming project. Maintained and updated UI Prefabs and Scripts, as well as building them from scratch.


Junior Associate Software Engineer

Worked on Mortal Kombat 11 with the Koretech team to develop and extend tools to assist the gameplay programmers and designers.

american medina.png

software Engineer

Developed a Unity app from the ground up for the Chicago History Museum's American Medina exhibit. Created editor extensions to make managing multi-language text easier.

days of doom.jpg

Gameplay Programmer

Developed gameplay components and systems for a mobile game in UE4 at Phosphor Studios. Used a mix of C++ and Blueprint scripts.

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